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  “Alan and Donnie Love, owners of Love’s Custard Pies, sell pies at their stand at Eastern Market in Detroit. Michigan has the fourth-biggest number of farmers markets, trailing California, New York and Illinois, according to a USDA report this week. Among its attempts to nurture small-scale agriculture and the businesses that arise from it, […]

Someone Painted Our Picture

oil painting of the LCP booth

We thought you’d enjoy seeing this stylized oil painting of what life is like at the LCP booth. ¬†With 30,000 to 60,000 people a day coming to Detroit’s Eastern Market, you can bet sometimes it gets crowded, but when you really want the best pie you can get- well, you either brave the crowds or […]

At the Eastern Market


Loves Custard Pies takes the Eastern Market by storm. ¬†Watch this video with Andrew Zimmerman of the Bizarre Foods TV show as he makes his way through the Market til, right near the end, he finds the best pies he’s ever tasted.